Welcome to our 24th Annual bird song competition  

Oct. 19 - 60th Annual Canadian National Cage Bird Show

Chapter 31 American Singers Club of Canada is sponsoring a double show 

Location: Richmond Greens, 1300 Elgin Mills Rd. East, Richmond Hill, Ontario
Lodging: Monte Carlo Inn, 8900 Woodbine Ave., Markham, Ontario 


Judges: Jeanne Pieper & Tad Rykojc
Entry fee $10.00/bird (includes both shows) Pre-registation only
Benching: Friday 4:00 - 8:00 pm
Judging Starts: Saturday 8:00 am
Checkout: Sunday, 3pm 

Contact: Marcel Ferrazzi, Secretary Ch.31, 519-579-3196 marcelferrazzi@hotmail.com


Nov. 2- Chapter 31 American Singers Club of Canada double show
Judges: Mario Valladares & William Huang
Location: Erinmills Church Campus, 3535 South Common Court, Mississauga, Ontario, L5L2B3
Entry fee $10.00/bird , Pre-registration only
Benching: Friday, 4-8 PM
Judging starts: Saturday, 8:00 am
Check Out: Saturday after show results
Contact: Eddie Baig, (647) 236-1201, eddiebaig@hotmail.com